Wisdom emerges
And is shared
Generation after Generation
Offering care and reflection,
Insight and knowledge.
Support and strength
Women moving through the cycles
Of life and death and life again.
Women rewriting the myth,
The story, the journey
Of coming and becoming,
Engaging and aging,
Child, daughter, mother, crone.
Women evolving, transforming, transitioning
Creating a legacy of
Women’s wisdom merging and emerging.

Wisdom emerges
and is shared
generation after generation
insight and knowledge
support and strength
men moving through the cycles of
life and death and life again
men rewriting the myth
the story, the journey
of coming and becoming
engaging and aging
child, son, father, elder
men evolving, transforming, transitioning
creating a legacy of
men’s wisdom merging and emerging

Wisdom emerges

Psychotherapy Focus

Dr. Barbara Flood is a premier trauma therapist and has been treating clients for over 30 years. She has extensive training in addressing traumatic events such as Childhood sexual, emotional, or physical abuse; rape or sexual assault; intimate partner violence; traumatic grief; and general traumatic events.

Trauma is defined as a disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress or physical injury and can include the trauma of a death in the family or a serious car accident. Traumatic events affect our bodies and our brain in specific ways. My work addresses the physical, mental, and spiritual components of trauma.

Here are some of the methods she has found most successful and the training involved:

1. Pia Melody’s Post Induction Therapy is an extensive training that focuses on Inner Child Work, Feeling Reduction, Love Addiction and Love Avoidance, and the Development of Childhood Trauma as well as issues of Co-dependency. Pia Melody has written several books and has several CD’s and lectures available on line. Her books include “Facing Codependency,” “Facing Intimacy,” “Facing Love Addiction” and many more.

2. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing,) as with most therapy approaches, focuses on the individual’s present concerns. EMDR’s approach, however, considers past experiences are being activated by present or future anticipated experiences.

EMDR’s focus is on the brain’s ability to constantly learn, taking past experiences and updating them with the present situation. This is referred to as “The Adaptive Information Processing Hypothesis.” Adaptive learning is constantly updating memory network systems (reconsolidation).

EMDR’s focus is the person’s inability to update experiences.

EMDR therapy uses a set of procedures to organize these negative and positive networks and then uses bilateral stimulation, i.e., eye movements, alternative tapping, etc. as the catalyst to effectively integrate the past experiences with the present adaptive learning. Much like eating, we digest food, keeping the nutrients necessary of health, letting go of the waste, we keep what is necessary for adaptive learning. And let go of unnecessary information.

3. Jungian Sandplay and Sandtray is a hands on psychological intervention. It is a powerful therapeutic technique that facilitates the psyche’s natural capacity for healing. In a “free and protected” space provided by the analyst, a client creates a concrete manifestation of his or her imaginal world using sand, water, and miniature objects.

4. Dr. Flood has attained a Certification in Jungian Sand Tray – Institute of New Mexico and has used this method with individuals and groups, adults and children.

Dr. Flood has trained in the following in addition to the above:

  • Bessel van der Kolk “The Body Keeps the Score”
  • Richard Onley “Self Acceptance Somatic Training”
  • ISEI Emotional Intelligence Training- Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Say it Straight Training Communication Skills
  • Non Violent Communication – Marshal Rosenberg
  • The People Map System of Personality Testing – Michael Lillibridge Ph.D.
  • Play Therapy Training Program, Naropa University
  • Using EMDR with Children – Ricky Greenwald, Psy.D
  • EMDR Level I and II
  • Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

Dr. Flood is a trained addictions counselor having completed all coursework for Licensed Addictions Counselor. She has worked as both a therapist and a clinical director in residential treatment centers and has maintained a private practice addressing process and substance addictions. She is trained in Motivational Interviewing as well as other Harm Reduction methods of addressing addiction.

Dr. Flood is a grief and loss therapist. Her training in trauma and somatic interventions as well as direct training in grief intersect with her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. Her book Illuminations, Contemplations for an Awakened Life has been a comfort for those facing the end of life and those who have lost loved ones.