Wisdom emerges
And is shared
Generation after Generation
Offering care and reflection,
Insight and knowledge.
Support and strength
Women moving through the cycles
Of life and death and life again.
Women rewriting the myth,
The story, the journey
Of coming and becoming,
Engaging and aging,
Child, daughter, mother, crone.
Women evolving, transforming, transitioning
Creating a legacy of
Women’s wisdom merging and emerging.

Wisdom emerges
and is shared
generation after generation
insight and knowledge
support and strength
men moving through the cycles of
life and death and life again
men rewriting the myth
the story, the journey
of coming and becoming
engaging and aging
child, son, father, elder
men evolving, transforming, transitioning
creating a legacy of
men’s wisdom merging and emerging

Wisdom emerges

Greetings from Dr. Barbara Flood


Professional Psychotherapy LLC provides Addiction and PTSD & trauma treatment, traumatic grief, as well as other co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression utilizing EMDR, Somatic Intervention, DBT, MI, and other evidence-based treatment to support you and your family in your recovery.

Couples, Families and Children,
Addictions Recovery,
Trauma Reduction,
Family Therapy including work with children,
Aging and Traumatic Grief